How do I choose a professional photographer for my project?

You need to choose a photographer that you know can deliver, and not one that you are just taking a chance on. Choose someone who has the right kind of professional, technical, and artistic training to capture the very essence of your intended subjects. You want photos that you can hand down to the next generation.

What is the difference between edited photos and edited and retouched?

All images on the site are edited for color, saturation, exposure and sharpness to ensure that each image is on its own is the best it can be. Retouched images, on the other hand, involve taking things a step further by eliminating blemishes, smoothing the skin, and getting rid of as much interference from the back ground as possible.

Do you offer work experience?

We currently do not offer work experience placements, sorry!

Do you have any advice for aspiring bloggers?

Start a blog because you want to share knowledge, inspiration, or your life or if you just need a creative outlet. If you think that a photography blog will jumpstart your career and help you make, you may get easily frustrated and burn out quickly. Post regularly, and interact with fellow photographers and bloggers on social media and their blogs.

What equipment do you personally use?

We shoot with professional Canon digital cameras and lenses.

How would you describe your personal shooting style?

Fun and outgoing. We always aim to tell a story with every image that we publish.